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Opportunities in the China-Chile collaboration in Astronomy

主 讲 人 :Rene A. Mendez     Prof.


地      点 :理科2号楼B409


In this shorttalk, intended for graduates students and young postdoctoral researchers, Iwill describe some aspects of the China-Chile collaboration & researchopportunities in the context of the CAS-South American Center for Astronomy(CASSACA).


Prof.Rene A. Mendez is an associate professor at the Astronomy Department ofUniversidad de Chile - DAS. He holds a Ph. D. from Yale University, havinggraduated in 1995. He had postdoctoral experience at ESO in Garching (Germany),and at Cerro-Tololo Inter-American Observatory (AURA in Chile). He then movedas an ESO Staff member, where he was Team Leader for the medium-sizedtelescopes at La Silla Observatory (these included the Max Planck 2.2m, theDanish 1.54m, the ESO 1.52m, and the 1m Schmidt Telescope). In 2004 he moved asa professor to DAS. His main research interests include Galactic structure andMilky Way kinematics & dynamics (including satellites of the MW),characterization and census of the solar neighborhood, visual binary stars, andstatistics applied to astronomy. The main resources he uses to do his researchinclude optical & near-IR photometry, high-precision narrow-fieldastrometry and interferometry. He enjoys being close to the seashore and flyingkites.

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