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On Visual Mathematics

主 讲 人 :Andras Bezdek    Professor


地      点 :理科群1号楼D-203室


Most of us havevisited science museums throughout the nation and know how successful they are.The mission of a typical science museum is to teach the public for the basicsof several ?elds including physics, chemistry, biology and space science.Mathematics in general is viewed as a ?eld of abstract mind, which is too deepfor the public to enjoy and therefore it has been excluded from the topics ofsuch museums. By presenting several theorems in a visual manner, the talk willmake an attempt to show that this view is false.


Andras Bezdek is a Harry Knowles  Professor for Research Leadership in Mathematics Instruction at the  Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Auburn University(奥本大学), Alabama and a Senior Research  Fellow at the Renyi Institute of Mathematics of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences. Previously he had visiting positions at Cornell University, Ithaca  and University of Calgary, Canada. Andras Bezdek received the PhD degree  (1986) from Ohio State University, the Habilitation Dr. degree (1999) from  Eotvos University, Budapest and the Doctor of the Hungarian  Academy of Sciences (2006) in Hungary. He  has 75 publications in the area of Discrete Geometry and edited a book on  Discrete Geometry which was published by Marcel Dekker.  

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