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Revealing the nature of dark matter in the Local Group

主 讲 人 :邵实     博士


地      点 :理科2号楼A302


Thestandard cosmological model, the ‘Λ cold dark matter’ model (ΛCDM) is verysuccessful in describing the formation and evolution of large-scale structurein the Universe. However, the standard model is being challenged byobservations on small scales, such as those of our Local Group, where thenature and properties of dark matter are most clearly manifest. The Local Groupis an association of galaxies that consists of our own Milky Way (MW), theneighbouring Andromeda, as well as hundreds of smaller dwarf galaxies. Itsproximity and abundance of observational data offer an unmatched window intothe physics of the Universe, such as understanding galaxy formation andevolution at the faint end and of one of the most compelling problems inphysics, the nature of dark matter. In the next decade, we will witness an explosionin the number of dedicated surveys such as GAIA, WEAVE, 4MOST and LSST, whichwill allow us to probe galaxy formation and the underlying dark matterdistribution to an even greater detail. In this talk, I will present my latestwork based on the state-of-the-art numerical simulations. In particular, I willdiscuss what the orbits of the Milky Way (MW) satellites can tell us about theshape and orientation of the MW dark matter halo.


邵实,英国杜伦大学(Durham University)博士后。2009年本科毕业于南京大学天文学系,2016年博士毕业于中国科学院国家天文台,自2012年起先后在德国马克斯-普朗克(Max-Planck)天体物理研究所和英国杜伦大学联合培养,2017年在英国杜伦大学计算宇宙学研究所开始博士后研究工作至今。研究方向为理论和计算天体物理,主要在宇宙学大规模数值模拟、星系和宇宙学大数据统计研究等方面开展工作。

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